Six months later I heard from a friend that a number of the Peter Black Collection cars were to be auctioned and that the Model N was to be included in the sale. I went to see the curator of the museum and managed to buy the car before it went to the auction, but it took six months to complete the deal and bring the car home.

The car came with limited history having been imported from the USA in 1973 and subsequently bought and given to Mr Peter Black by his sons for his 65th birthday.

A member of the Model T Ford Club of Great Britain was attending a breakfast meeting of the Puget Sound Chapter of the Model T Ford Club of America in Seattle and got talking to an elderly member about the early Ford cars. Mention was made of the restoration of a Model N which he believed was now in a car museum in England. To cut a long involved story short, this was the car I now own and some of its history can now be told.

During my search for more history of Model N #116, I managed to contact Bill Sheller of Umatilla, Oregon USA, who is a grandson of the late Roscoe Sheller. Roscoe wrote the following article about N #116 in 1964. I would like to thank Bill Sheller for sending me this unique piece of history about the car I now own.

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