Roscoe Sheller, Author of the popular new book, ME AND THE MODEL T and many other Historical and Humorous books.

Across a span of sixty years, Ford Roadster, Model ‘N’, motor number 116, has shared portions of her interesting and exciting life with me. Despite her years, she is apparently in better health today than when I first knew her in 1907.

Although as one of the sparse few ‘autos’ of that day, attracting the attention enjoyed by all such freak curiosities in the 1900’s, she stirs more interest today as one of evolution’s stepping-stones. She can enjoy looking into an almost limitless future of being patted and pampered by those who appreciate her worth as a contributor to progress, and to the “OOH’s” and “AAH’s” of her admirers. Possibly she enjoys most overhearing aging fans reminisce, especially those acquainted with Henry Ford’s experimental route from his first Model A, down through the alphabet to his ultimate Model T, that stubborn, but greatly beloved mechanical non-conformist, most responsible for putting the World on rubber tired wheels. They too, recognise features then being developed in the Model N that would later, in some form, appear in the Model T.

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